Revolutionize Your Shared Email

A new approach to team-based communication that makes your email work for you—faster, all together, everywhere.

Imagine having a shared email system that is tailored to the needs of the shipping industry.

With this system, you can view each message, with all of its comments and attachments, in one location. And no matter where you are, you can collaborate with other team members—in real-time.

Now imagine, weeks or months or years later, searching for an important document. You find it—fast—attached to its original all-inclusive message, in the system's dynamic archive.

If you want a team communication platform that makes your daily workflow more manageable, more streamlined, and more transparent, then you can stop imagining.

This is SEDNA.

Screenshot - One Inbox, One Message

One Inbox, One Message

Keep shared email simple by using one inbox. One inbox means that the whole team sees messages in a central location.

Instead of forwarding or copying team members on a critical message, and then following a long chain of separate replies, you work from the original copy, with every attachment, tag, and comment, all in order—in one spot.

So now one message is equal to dozens, if not hundreds, of emails from the old business-as-usual inbox. You'll handle the equivalent of thousands of emails in a day with more efficiency than you ever dreamed.

Screenshot - Real-time Updates

Real-time Updates

SEDNA encourages team collaboration. Mark a To Do, add a tag, comment on a message—all in real-time.

Stay informed and reduce duplication

As email arrives in the inbox, you can see who has read each message and who has been assigned to work on it. Use filters so that you see only those messages that need your attention.

Stay organized

You can add tags to a message so that it is instantly filed under a certain category or agency appointment, and so that it can be easily viewed or cross-referenced by the right people. And you can see action items in the To-Do list.

Stay involved

In the comments section, you can discuss ideas, view attached information, and collaborate with your whole team so that decisions can be made quickly and easily.

Screenshot - Forever. Searchable. Fast.

Forever. Searchable. Fast.

SEDNA makes sure that your messages are stored securely. Critical emails and files never vanish. They can't be deleted.

Attachments stay put. Messages retain tags, notes, comments, and cross-references from all parties. Forever.

And archived messages remain forever searchable. Whatever you are looking for, you'll find it. Fast.

Screenshot - Anywhere, Anytime

Anywhere, Anytime

Anywhere you are, anytime you want—SEDNA is right there with you. Whether you are in a client's office, using your laptop in a hotel, or checking in on a smartphone or tablet at port, you can easily access all of SEDNA's functionality and its full archive.

SEDNA + Workflow Integration

Integrated into your company's workflow, SEDNA goes beyond sending and receiving email. Use SEDNA to take information from your other business systems and manage that information. Messages can be automatically sorted based on specific users, or voyages, or keywords. And within those messages, all of the operational information needed for correct filing and searching stays fully intact.

Seamless integration. Efficient workflow. Use SEDNA as your main communication platform to share data, import data, and keep data—in one inbox, in one message, in real-time.

SEDNA - faster, together, everywhere

We know response time is everything both at sea and in port. SEDNA delivers fast results, in one message that is never duplicated. Communicate better, in real-time, no matter what computer or device you are using.

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