Optimize Your Fleet Management

A powerful tool that uses a customizable, modular data warehouse to give you total visibility into your fleet’s status and performance – so that you can identify and solve problems before they grow.

Our Fleet Performance System has been nominated for the Lloyd's List Intelligence Big Data Award

Fleet Performance System (FPS) is a product developed by Stage 3 Systems that gives you clear measurements of each vessel’s KPIs, allowing you to analyze your fleet’s overall performance and make better decisions.

For each vessel, you can see data in real-time, and solve problems immediately, or use these metrics as a baseline for future improvement.

FPS was developed from the ground up as a data warehouse that collects information from many different sources, and then auto-generates reports for analysis. It is modular, so it can be easily modified to suit your business needs, and is highly customizable. It gives you the flexibility to grant access to reports (or data points), at a granular level, so that ultimately, you have the control you need to efficiently manage your fleet.

Screenshot - Instant Fleet Wide Inventory

View Fleet-Wide Inventory, Instantly

Understand on-board fuel inventories at a glance, without having to request new reports from the master. See data immediately, and compare performance across vessel types. This is an example of the many reports the system can produce.

Screenshot - Individual Passage Analysis

Analyze Individual Passage

Analyze how a vessel is doing point-to-point, including EEOI, and answer questions such as whether degraded performance is due to added resistance from sea and weather conditions. Scroll through each leg to understand where issues are arising.

Screenshot - Compare Vessels

Compare Vessels

Easily compare vessels in a series (or similar class), in the same view, to plot performance and trouble points.

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