Digitise Your Chartering Desk

The fastest and most collaborative way to fix your vessels – Charter Watch keeps all inquiries in one place, and visible to your global team, so that you can work together to understand and respond to the demands of your customers.

Charter Watch (CW) is a cloud-based management and reporting tool developed by Stage 3 Systems that aims to improve some of the inefficiencies faced by chartering desks around the world. In lieu of spreadsheets and text editors, you can use CW’s simple web interface to more quickly and accurately input inquiries and build indications and offers, allowing you to fix and rate cargo faster than ever before.

As well as helping you complete individual tasks more efficiently, Charter Watch allows you to work together as a team. With CW, you can generate reports that can help everyone across the organization gain a deeper understanding your market. And at the heart of CW is its most innovative feature: the Activity Log. The Activity Log is a visual timeline that captures key information about a cargo fixture, and tracks its progress in real-time, so that your team has visibility into what’s happening at every step, and can take immediate action to get a job done.

Screenshot - Build an Indication or Offer

Build an Indication or Offer

See what information is about to get sent, and then send it as an email. Charter Watch can build indications and offers using an industry standard shipping format, or it can apply a specialized format unique to your company.

Screenshot - Make Revisions

Make Revisions

Use our carefully designed interface to quickly revise an offer. Instead of going through chunks of text and manually changing dates, ports, and other key information, make adjustments using drop-down menus. This automatically generates the revised offer's standard text.

Screenshot - Visually Track Changes

Visually Track Changes

In a visual timeline, see all the changes associated with a cargo fixture including internal comments, adjustments to indications, and offers.

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