Fix Cargo Faster, Collaboratively

The fastest way to fix cargo—keeping all your fixtures in one place, to be viewed across the globe by your entire commercial team.

Replace your spreadsheets with Charter Watch, a system that revolutionizes the way that your team views and manages its fixtures.

Fix cargo faster. Use Charter Watch to view cargo positions, indicate rates, and offer firm through to clean fixed. Make direct requests, or have the option to receive ones that are created from an external source, such as your website. Charter Watch will also integrate with your existing Voyage Management System.

Work collaboratively. Charter Watch allows team members across the globe to easily generate and email all relevant communications and documents, such as indications, offers, revised offers, freight invoices, loading instructions and the charter-party.

Watch and learn. Capture the discussion of a deal through an internal visual timeline. Watch the evolution of your deal and gain insight so that you can clean fixtures and improve future offers.

Screenshot - Build an Indication or Offer

Build an Indication or Offer

See what information is about to get sent, and then send it as an email. Charter Watch can build indications and offers using an industry standard shipping format, or it can apply a specialized format unique to your company.

Screenshot - Make Revisions

Make Revisions

Use our carefully designed interface to quickly revise an offer. Instead of going through chunks of text and manually changing dates, ports, and other key information, make adjustments using drop-down menus. This automatically generates the revised offer's standard text.

Screenshot - Visually Track Changes

Visually Track Changes

In a visual timeline, see all the changes associated with a cargo fixture including internal comments, adjustments to indications, and offers.

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