No more whiteboards. No more piles of paperwork.
Watch your efficiency skyrocket.
Agents love our innovative, collaborative cloud-based system.

Designed by agents for agents, Agency Operations System (AOS) is geared for the ever-changing demands of today's maritime shipping agent. As a ships' agency, you'll reduce your workload and improve your productivity. Like the shipping industry it serves, AOS is a global, 24/7 solution meant to get you where you need to be.

Dashboard To-Dos



Our at-a-glance dashboard will replace your office whiteboard. It's a filterable up-to-the-minute look at your entire operation through need-to-know summaries. As an open platform for your whole organization, AOS redefines teamwork, empowering you to better manage your vessels and your staff.


Easily create To-Dos for your team to work from, on a one-time basis or by using standard templates for each client or trade. To-Dos are time-flexible, with options for using fixed-time tasks or automatic self-adjusting timelines tied to a vessel's schedule. Your entire team will stay on top of critical tasks, ensuring efficiency and accountability in port call turnarounds.

Documentation Events Statement of Facts



Become your courier's best friend as you handle your documentation needs remotely and quickly. In just one click, AOS compiles all needed documents into a single easy-to-print (or forward) PDF, even if handling multiple principals during a port call.


Easily and accurately track the progress of any vessel's port call...

Statement of Facts

...Then seamlessly expedite your report into a Statement of Facts in one step.




Enjoy headache-free cost-recovery through clear accounting fields and convenient tabs that group costs according to ports, payees, services, and more. Provide your clients with a secure log-in to ensure real-time delivery and management of ongoing disbursements.

Performancing KPI Tracking



Every hour a ship spends in port costs thousands of dollars, so our clear-cut port call performance tracking shows you where time and money are going, step-by-step, because every minute shaved off tasks results in a better bottom line.

KPI Tracking

Color-coded for quick operational overviews, our KPI tab's "Data Required" feature provides clarity for managing your workflow at an executive level, ensuring all necessary port call information gets reported. Easily set key requirements for clients and trades, allowing for simple automatic measuring.

AOS + SEDNA: Powerful Alone, Unbeatable Together

When combined with AOS, SEDNA messaging management will streamline your shipping operations like never before. Our “One Inbox” approach to email will transform your daily workload while empowering your team to operate at its best, with no more mixed messages.

You'll love the revolutionary search tools. When you find what you're looking for, you'll always have whole conversations attached to original documents and corresponding AOS appointments, giving you the whole picture every time.

No more endless emails, duplicated exchanges, or redundant work. Together, SEDNA and AOS will transform communication and accountability throughout your operations.


Used with AOS, SEDNA's integrative messaging and archives will benefit everyone from couriers to vessel captains. With less duplicated work and comprehensive messaging that includes all attachments and documents, you'll save valuable time and have clear dialogue.


With SEDNA's revolutionary filing and tracking system, you'll quickly find documents and information when they're needed. Easily searchable and with original messages stored forever, SEDNA is the perfect archive for your operations.


Real-time responsive “one inbox” messaging means easily handling thousands of messages daily, thanks to all the corresponding information and documents attached to every message so you always have a complete overview.


SEDNA attaches relevant messages directly to your AOS appointments, so you'll always be one click away from the history and documentation you need, no matter where in the world you are, whether you're at a desk or on a mobile device.

Branded For You

We didn't limit AOS only to internal use because we know third-parties often need to access your documentation and information. This is why we'll uniquely brand AOS just for you, incorporating your logo and graphics of your choosing, so both your customers and you know it's yours.

Since AOS isn't a program you install but instead a web-based service you simply log into, everything exists in the “Cloud,” including a full-function version for mobile devices, making it truly global for you and your principals.

From your log-in page to built-in templates and even the printable reports, AOS is tailor-made and branded to your operations throughout the platform. From data fields that list your offices through to your in-house departments and individual vessels, you'll find AOS really is all about your agency.

Always Improving

Daily our AOS team works with our clients in an effort to make an already great system even better. Whatever you need, we can do. Want integration with a client's system so you can stop re-entering their data? We can do that. Need a custom document for a particular port authority or an exclusive shipper? That can be done. Need a display of your information for a central big screen in your office? We'll make it happen

AOS's winning advantage is that we have a pro team of long-time AOS-dedicated developers who are experts in delivering rapid, comprehensive development of AOS's offerings, all designed to improve your service, solve your problems, and wow your clients.

You'll get ongoing general updates, thanks to new solutions we're continuously developing for other clients' needs, but we're always able to add unique, custom AOS solutions that reflect your agency's unique services.

What all this means is, AOS is the right solution today, and with our ability to always adapt it to your needs, it'll still be the right solution for you for years to come, no matter what changes the market or technology bring to the industry.

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