We blend shipping expertise and cutting-edge technology so maritime companies can collaborate faster, conclude more business and operate more efficiently.

What can we help you do?

Our dedication to development and our decade-plus of shipping savvy means we innovate easy-to-use secure software that is as common sense as it is cutting-edge.

This ongoing commitment to innovation is fueled by our passion to keep you sailing smoothly, safely, and successfully. We pioneered cloud-based solutions for the shipping industry, have been the go-to problem-solvers for years, and will continue addressing the maritime industry's needs for years to come.

For shipowners and operators

You probably want tools that reduce your fuel consumption, manage the operational messaging overload, improve quality-control of vessel construction in overseas yards, and even visualize HSEQ and the financial counter-party performance in your fleets. Well, it's a good thing you're looking at Stage 3 Systems, because our software solutions do all of that.

For ship agents

No matter where in the world you're working, our state-of-the-art web-based portals and mobile apps will keep you on top of port call appointments while dealing quickly with the inevitable operational email deluge. You will also have tools to improve your documentation quality, manage your disbursements, and even automate data exchanges with your clients' systems.

For terminal operators

It doesn't matter what operations you're running in your terminal — whether it's bulk, project, or container shipping, everything depends on scheduling, and that's why we have an easy-to-use at-a-glance schedule with features to help you clearly communicate schedule changes to all involved, enabling you (and them) to integrate changes quickly. Other dynamic tools, like our email management and its extensive document archives, will keep you confidently in control of all day-to-day operations.

For charterers

Our systems enable you to standardize documentation between your agents, shippers, and receivers. You'll conquer day-to-day shared email overload, fixing cargoes, document your deals, easily calculate laytime, and stay informed about the worldwide progress and performance of all shipowners carrying your cargo.

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